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Bowen Therapy

A gentle and effective treatment for the whole family

The Bowen Technique – A brief explanation:

Modern day lifestyles are very often highly stressful, our lives are very busy and we rarely acknowledge the importance of maintaining a healthy body.  It is only when something goes wrong that we begin to appreciate how much we rely on the body functioning correctly and then become anxious to restore it to optimum health as quickly as possible so that we can resume life without pain and discomfort.  

What is the Bowen Technique and how does it work? 

Pain and discomfort in the joints and muscles of the body are commonly related to lifestyle choices, our jobs and very often emotional stress, here are just some examples:

  • Poor posture
  • Incorrect lifting
  • Falls
  • Stress
  • Accidents (Car/Sports)
  • Life in general!


A problem in one area of the body can often influence and affect another part of the body, the Bowen technique aims to balance the whole body, not just the symptoms.  When balance is restored we are able to work more efficiently, pain and discomfort is relieved and mobility is increased.  Bowen aims to address the whole person balancing not only the physical parts of the body but the chemical, emotional and mental aspects also.


About Tom Bowen:

The technique was developed by Tom Bowen (1916-1982) who lived in Geelong Australia, had a keen interest in bad backs and began to treat the aches and pains of the people with whom he worked at the cement works.  He had the ability to read bodies and then adjust and correct any abnormalities within the body which caused pain, in the 1960’s he went on to open his own clinic. The Webb Report (Australian Government Report into Complimentary Therapies) during the 1970’s found that he was successfully treating 13,000 people a year.  The Bowen Technique was introduced to England in early 1990 and has grown to become a world-wide recognised treatment.

Can the Bowen technique help ME?

The Bowen technique can benefit the whole family, it is suitable for adults and children.  Because of its gentle approach this makes it an ideal choice for treating newborn babies and the elderly.

What has Bowen been observed to HELP? 

  • Pain management. 
  • Sports injuries. 
  • Acute and chronic back pain. 
  • General aches and pains. 
  • Sciatica. 
  • Frozen shoulder and tennis elbow. 
  • Whiplash. 
  • Jaw discomfort (TMD / TMS). 
  • Asthma. 
  • Hayfever. 
  • Headaches / Sinus. 
  • Stress and tension. 
  • Digestion. 
  • Chronic fatigue. 
  • Heel and foot pain.

(CBS – College of Bowen Studies)

The Bowen Technique has been reported to positively help a number of factors: 

  • Quality of sleep. 
  • Mood elevation. 
  • Ability to concentrate and focus. 
  • Positive outlook on life. 
  • Relaxation.

(CBS – College of Bowen Studies)

What does a Bowen treatment involve?

The initial consultation gathers information on your general health, looks at any previous problems together with your current symptoms.  The treatment lasts approximately 60 minutes and can be performed either directly on the skin or if preferred through light clothing.   

Using thumbs or forefingers the treatment involves a series of gentle and precise, rolling type moves over tissue.  The moves stimulate nerve pathways which allow a ‘conversation’ to take place between different nervous systems of the body.  Appropriate combinations and sequences of moves are selected to target a specific problem, or to address the body as a whole. 

The Bowen Resting phase:

Short breaks will occur during the treatment process.  During this time the body is given an opportunity to rest, which allows the body to respond to the gentle moves that have been performed.  The resting phase is an important part of the treatment, as it provides the nervous system (autonomic) and fascia time to respond so that the healing process can begin and allows the body to make the subtle adjustments which help the body to re-balance, relieve tension and reduce pain.  It is these features which make the Bowen Technique unique.

The Body continues to respond: 

The body continues to respond and benefit from the treatment received for several days unless disturbed by injury or strong external disturbances, it is for this reason that other forms of body treatment are not recommended whilst receiving Bowen treatments.

How many sessions will I need?

Most people find that three to four treatments, at weekly intervals are often sufficient to achieve lasting relief.  Individual progress depends on a number of factors, additional treatments may be required, this will be discussed with you prior to your treatment.  Some people choose the Bowen Technique as a way of keeping chronic conditions under control, whilst others use the treatment as a way of managing stress and their general health by receiving regular maintenance treatments.

Your Bowen Practitioner:

Yasmina Beckett Cole

To book an appointment and to discuss how the Bowen Technique could benefit you please contact Yasmina on: 07932 523790 alternatively please visit: www.HappyHealthyLife.co.uk

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