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What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a complete form of natural holistic healthcare that uses muscle testing as a special language to communicate with the energetic bio-feedback systems from your body to find where health issues stem from and determine what impacts to the system any negative imbalance are having.


What and how does a Kinesiology Practitioner treat?

We correct these imbalances using lymphatic massage, nutrition, specialised emotional stress release methods or pain tapping to support any imbalanced organ and meridian system. Through testing the muscle the body tells us which correction method is best suited for the body’s issue.

How can Kinesiology help?

Touch for Health Kinesiology will help to:

  • Reduce body pain significantly
  • Reduce emotional stress whether past, current or future issues
  • Manage food sensitivities by detecting which foods lower the body’s energy and which food will help raise energy
  • Help with any sports injuries and improve performance
  • Improve posture which will lead to improved confidence
  • Help achieve life goals once body meridians and organs are perfectly balanced.

What will happen upon arrival?

I will offer you a glass of mineral water and we will have a brief chat about what pains or issues you might have and how I can help. I may ask questions about specific areas of pain, eating habits and current nutrition intake, background, work, stress levels, etc.… You do not have to talk about anything you are uncomfortable with, but any information you give will help us find the right method of correction. Once you are on the therapy bed we will perform a series of muscle tests around the body – these are not painful in anyway. I will only need you to take off your shoes for our session so you remain fully clothed. Following a full body assessment I will use some of the following methods: lymphatic massage, light touch on neurovascular points, tapping various acupressure points, tracing meridian lines, emotional stress release by holding the release points, nutritional balancing.

The session will last up to an hour. You will be informed before the end of the session should we need to book another follow up.

First appointment £35 (approx 60 minute session).

Our practitioners trained through the Board of Touch for Health Kinesiology and holds the Kinesiology Federation Recognised Professional Practitioner Certificate (KFRP). Having trained so many kinesiology methods for correction, our practitioners places a great importance in finding the correct correction for any organ and meridian imbalances. To learn more on what can be achieved through Kinesiology, please check out:


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