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Vivien Elcombe holds Pilates classes here at Headcorn Natural Health Centre on Monday and Thursday evenings.

Monday and Thursday evenings : 7-8pm and 8.15-9.15pm

Vivien trained as a Pilates instructor having done a Pilates course herself to help bulging discs in her spine. She then realised that she must teach people the benefits she had received.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is slow controlled movement working on strengthening core pelvic floor muscles as well as strengthening all major muscle groups. It also corrects posture alignment as well as improving flexibility.

Who will benefit?

Anybody can do Pilates. There is no age limit but anyone falling into the following brackets would really benefit:

  • Anybody suffering with a bad back or shoulders or any other aches and pains
  • If you find you have wet yourself if you cough or sneeze. Pilates works on strengthening all the pelvic floor muscles
  • If you would like a flatter stomach
  • If you have trouble relaxing or feel stressed
  • If you would like a fitter, toned body with improved flexibility, muscle tone and strength.
  • If you would like better posture

For more information please go to www.pilatesinkent.com

Vivien also practices Systematic Kinesiology which is a totally wholistic therapy using the body’s bio-feedback mechanism through muscle testing to gain information about the client. Please contact Vivien on 01622 853887 should you wish to book an appointment. For more information contact: www.systematic-kinesiology.co.uk


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